4 Apr

Why are online dating sites considered high risk merchant accounts?

It seems odd. Why would online dating be considered a high risk credit card processor? People create profiles, share pictures and details about their lives. Not exactly the ideal environment for credit card fraud and chargebacks.

Yet the answer is actually surprising. Online dating sites are the new frontier for Nigerian scams. 10 years ago the emails of untold fortunes for just a small amount upfront became national news and later a national joke. However, as this scam has become more and more publicized, these scammers looked to other avenues to make connections.

Online dating sites became a great way for these ill intentioned individuals to find lonely and vulnerable individuals. They flooded these online dating sites with fake profiles, using stolen credit cards and images. Some experts estimate that as many as 1 in 10 profiles aren’t real and tens of millions of dollars exchange hands through these online scams.

Scary stuff…. http://www.aarp.org/money/scams-fraud/info-2015/online-dating-scam.html

Doug Shadel and David Dudley – AARP

Our previous company was always having issues with their software and processing our payments and good luck getting help when things went bad. We aren’t the biggest business in the world, but TeccPay treats us like our business matters.

Company Name: Paul M. - Owner
Designation: Miami Sports Trading Company

Their rates aren’t low. No one in the high risk merchant services is cheap. But they were less expensive than my other company and the service and quality is 10 times what I was getting.

Company Name: Dr. Rani P. M.D. - Founder
Designation: O.C. Weightloss

It was always so frustrating to me that because some bank decided I was a high risk business I am stuck working with companies with high rates and crappy customer service. TeccPay was really a relief for our business.

Company Name: John K. – Bankruptcy Attorney
Designation: Klopfenstein Law Group

Never had a problem with TeccPay that they didn’t get fixed immediately.

Company Name: Kapil Pershad – CEO
Designation: Tech Dharma

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